Sandra Martin, August 2017

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SAFETY, TEAM WORK, ATTITUDE, and ETHICS are the primary qualifications that we look for in each of our Team Members, and we encourage everyone to become dedicated practitioners of this Culture.

Sandra Marie Martin has demonstrated these qualities since her first day on the job, over 8 years ago. Sandra’s first assignment, reporting to Craig Kirksey (N.C. Division Manager), was working as an electrician at the new Quality Operations Building for Merck & Company in Durham.  She hit the ground running, and was immediately liked by her co-workers.  Sandra showed no intimidation what-so-ever, being a woman working a construction job with mostly men. “I grew up as an only child, and always wanted a brother”, says Sandra, “and now I’ve found myself with a whole bunch of them. Everyone learned real fast that I was a team player, willing to work, willing to learn, and unwilling to take any mess off of anyone.  My team mates quickly became like brothers to me, and we worked well together from the start.”

In addition to her love for electrical work, Sandra showed a high degree of interest in safety, and expressed her desire to become involved in training.  Today, Sandra continues her work as a field electrician, but has also become our North Carolina Division Safety Officer, reporting to Travis Koogler (Corporate Director of Safety). In this role, Sandra is responsible for employee safety training, job site safety inspections, and interfacing with our clients to ensure that all employees are guaranteed a safe working environment, given the proper tools and PPE to consistently maximize their safe work performance in all phases of the job.  Sandra also facilitates First Aid / CPR, and AED training for our N.C. Team.  She is a Journeyman Electrician, and O.S.H.A. 500 authorized.

“Attitude and Training have everything to do with Safety and Quality of work. Our Culture of Safety is not limited to a few, but practiced by every single person employed at our Company,” says Sandra.

Craig Kirksey commented, “Sandra is a Team Player, extremely well qualified and experienced in both electrical work and safety, and when she tells you something, you can be sure its accurate.”

When asked what advice she would give to a new candidate for employment with Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical, Sandra stated “Come to work every day, be on-time, be ready to do your best, and always be willing to learn something new, because no matter how long you’ve worked the Trade, or how much experience you have acquired, you don’t ever know it all.”

Congratulations to Sandra Marie Martin.  Rudy L. Hawkins Electrical’s  “Spotlight Employee of the Month”. 

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